Kim and Ray: An Asian Wedding in Miami, Florida

The day started with the bridesmaids gathering at Kim’s Bridal Suite…busy preparing self, waiting for the bride to put on her gown. She was the most beautiful lady of the day. Everyone was excited for this Asian Wedding, they couldn’t wait for Kim and Ray to get married. All through out the day the bride was radiant in beauty, gushing every time Ray’s name was mentioned…the couple couldn’t help but exchange Starbucks coffee with each other, it shows how fond they were for the drink. The day went on smoothly and ended with big blast of dancing and fun during the reception. It was a day worth remembering…
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A 4th of July Themed Photo Shoot at Treetops Park, Davie, Fl

What a better way to celebrate the holiday than a 4th of July themed photo shoot at the Treetops Park, Davie, Fl.

I had a blast taking these photos of cousins Morgan and Amber…they were so natural in front of the camera…though under the heat of the sun, they tirelessly delivered what I asked for to achieve…it was a moment of bonding time together while Amber spends time with cousin Morgan, coming all the way from Arizona.

Treetops was the perfect view for this all american themed photo session. Happy 4th of July everyone!
July42015 1 July42015 2 July42015 3 July42015 4 July42015 5 July42015 6 July42015 7 July42015 8 July42015 9 July42015 10 July42015 12July42015 2July42015 3July42015 4July42015 5July42015 6July42015 7July42015 8July42015 9

Portrait Session at Heron Bay Plaza Del Lago, Parkland, Fl

The day went smoothly as planned for a Portrait Session at  Heron Bay Plaza Del Lago, Parkland, Fl. Alissa came  with hair and make up done, wearing this floral dress which I personally love. The color and prints just complimented her pretty face. She was on for the shoot, excited and looking glam. Alissa then changed into a tight fitting coral colored above the knee dress that showcased her curvature. The session ended up with Alissa dressing up like a “hip-hop” dancer,  a dance which she definitely dances well. Everything went smoothly withe the photo session, she was a natural with her pauses, I found that coaching wasn’t necessary. See here how the photo shoot turned out. Meet Alissa, she’ll be 18 soon!AlissaWebpage 1 AlissaWebpage 2 AlissaWebpage 3 AlissaWebpage 4 AlissaWebpage 5 AlissaWebpage 6 AlissaWebpage 7 AlissaWebpage 8 AlissaWebpage 9 AlissaWebpage 10 AlissaWebpage 11 AlissaWebpage 12 AlissaWebpage 13 AlissaWebpage 14 AlissaWebpage 15 AlissaWebpage 16 AlissaWebpage 17 AlissaWebpage 18 AlissaWebpage 19 AlissaWebpage 20

A Family Photo Session in Downtown Hollywood, Fl

There is no better place than a Family Photo Session in Downtown Hollywood, Fl as a location for this family , Aries, Ayla, Caitlin, Brianna and Grandma Luz. It was such a humid day yet everyone made it through.

Ayla love the color red but she settled instead to a darker shade of pink with her outfit and Aries a baby pink top with khaki pants. The kids in their white dress and colored floral headband looked so lovely. Grandma Luz on the other hand blended with her green top and white pants.

It wasn’t easy to ask Caitlin to stay put. What do you expect from a toddler? But Caitlin listens to her dad but because of her fondness to run around, it was kind of challenging but we were able to get great shots. Meanwhile, Briana wasn’t feeling good either , just came from her vaccination, she would cry until she finally got to sleep, so the “baby in the basket” picture was captured. But nothing compares to the embrace of a mother, Brianna would wake up and cry every time Ayla tried to put her down on the basket and can only be consoled if carried. This is the beauty of motherhood…priceless!

In the end, what matters, we’ve created memories from the photos I took, memories for sure that would last forever.

Aylafam 1 Aylafam 2 Aylafam 3 Aylafam 4 Aylafam 5 Aylafam 6 Aylafam 7 Aylafam 8 Aylafam 9 Aylafam 10 Aylafam 11 Aylafam 12

Baby Tiffany : Newborn Photo Shoot at Miramar, Fl

Pink is every girl’s color and to have a nursery in this theme is heavenly…that’s what Baby Tiffany’s Nursery was. Thanking Ivelisse and Marco for opening their home to me  for this Newborn Photo Shoot at  Miramar, Fl., I felt so welcomed taking photos of Tiffany and the whole family in the comfort of their home. First time to meet Tiffany and she is more than 2 weeks old…I arrived while she was asleep, that didn’t do too good at first, how can I wake her up for a photo shoot? Took every opportunity though to take several photos of Ivelisse cuddling her…feeding her and making her comfortable as much as possible…what a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to the new parents and big sister Paula.  To more pictures of Baby Tiffany in the future!BBTiffany 1 BBTiffany 2 BBTiffany 3 BBTiffany 4 BBTiffany 5 BBTiffany 6 BBTiffany 7 BBTiffany 8 BBTiffany 9 BBTiffany 10 BBTiffany 11 BBTiffany 12 BBTiffany 13

Bow Tie Family Affair: Family Photo Session at John Lloyd Park, Dania Beach, Fl

The men came for the shoot with their bow ties and they looked so great, the women on the other hand looked so gorgeous. I was feeling excited that day, knowing I will meet DJ for the 2nd time. The first time I met him he was never shy … he would go to me and never leave me, always asking t0 be carried. So I was hoping he would be as enthusiastic to meet me. It turned out he was eager to play and eager to have his photos taken . With DJ is his mom Chenelle, Dad Jay, Grandpa Van and Grandma Barbara…they all rocked this Bow Tie Family Affair: Family Photo Session at John Lloyd Park, Dania Beach, Fl

“Family is not an important thing, it is everything.” – Michael J. Fox
DJ 1 DJ 2 DJ 3 DJ 4 DJ 5 DJ 6 DJ 7 DJ 8 DJ 9 DJ 10 DJ 11 DJ 12

A Family Photo Session at Amelia Earhart Park, Hialeah, Fl

When Nona decided to book me for a photo shoot , I  thought of  a Family Photo Session at Amelia Earhart Park, Hialeah, Fl as the best location. It turned out to be such a perfect day. Though it was a busy day in the park but because of the vast location, we  found  great  spots  to  pose  the family.

I finally got to meet Frankie {Nona’s Hubby}, and her kids Kenny, Jimmy, Julian and Mia who made the photo shoot easy and fun. The  laid-back, relaxed environment with  the  trees  and greenery  was  just  perfect  for every shot.  I  had an amazing time with them!
😀 NonasFam 2 NonasFam 3 NonasFam 4 NonasFam 5 NonasFam 6 NonasFam 7 NonasFam 8 NonasFam 9 NonasFam 10 NonasFam 11 NonasFam 12 NonasFam 1

Baby Sebastian a Newborn Photography in Miramar, Fl

Finally met Maritzel and Roberto in their home for a Newborn Photography session. It was an honor to be invited to take photos in their abode…got to take shots of Baby Sebastian while he was about 8 weeks in his own crib…when asked why Sebastian? Maritzel said, ” We wanted to find a name that is written the same in English and Spanish to make his life easier  😉 so that pretty narrowed it down to a few names, bust most of all I’ve always liked that name.”
Baby Seb 1 Baby Seb 2 Baby Seb 3 Baby Seb 4 Baby Seb 5 Baby Seb 6 Baby Seb 7 Baby Seb 8 Baby Seb 9 Baby Seb 10 Baby Seb 11 Baby Seb 12 Baby Seb 13 Baby Seb 14 Baby Seb 15

Dania Beach, Fl Engagement Photos:Ryan & Shael

Knowing each other for over about 12 years, and growing up in the same church serves as a good foundation to Ryan and Shael’s relationship. Having the same faith has also strengthen their love for each other. These pictures show how they are so fond of each other. Their mutual love for Florida has brought them down here in Dania.

Just a couple of hours before their flight back to New Jersey, the sunrise engagement photo shoot turned out perfectly fine, the sun was up, the weather cooperating and the location was just perfect!


RS1 RS2 RS3 RS4 RS5 RS6 RS7 RS8 RS9 RS10 RS11 RS13 RS14 RS111 RS15 RS16 RS17 RS18 RS19 RS20 RS21 RS22 RS23 RS24 RS25 RS26 RS27 RS28

Dania Beach, Fl Engagement Photos: Shweta & Jay

What can I say about this Dania Beach, Fl Engagement Photos we took today? Fabulous! It was wonderful to work with this couple Shweta and Jay who flew all the way from Chicago for their Engagement Pictures to be captured. They absolutely loved the location…and admired the beauty of the beach and its scenery. But what made this moment special was the love between the two. I was able to see how they adore each other and their love so genuine and sweet. Looking forward to their wedding day… SJ1 SJ2 SJ3 SJ4 SJ5 SJ6 SJ8 SJ9 SJ10 SJ11 SJ12 SJ13 SJ14 SJ15 SJ16 SJ17 SJ18 SJ19 SJ20 SJ21 SJ22