Engagement Photos at Delray Beach, Fl.

It was my first time to meet Karishma and Ayadith that day when we did their Engagement Photos at Delray Beach, Fl. at the Atlantic Dunes Park. So to break the ice I gave them pieces of cards and asked them “How Much do I know You” questions. Did they get their answers right all the time, no not really…it only shows that in marriage they have to know each other more…but what’s wonderful, when I asked them, “What are the three words you want to say to each other right now?” Both of them wrote, ” I love you.”
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The Atlantic Dunes Park in Delray Beach provided the couple a place to do the “hide and seek” game, so romantic under its gigantic trees in the area.KA 6 KA 7 KA 8 KA 9 KA 10 KA 11 KA 12 KA 13 KA 14 KA 15 KA 16 KA 17

Relaxing on the sand, this Atlantic Dunes Park in Delray Beach  boasts of  breathtaking views of the ocean…KA 18 KA 19 KA 20 KA 21 KA 22 KA 23 KA 24 KA 25

Family Photo Session in Tree Tops Park at Davie, Fl.

This Family Photo Session in Tree Tops Park at Davie, Fl. was made possible because  a Grandma requested it. It was even timely for her birthday. What a sweet gesture for everyone to be together for one purpose and that is to go with her wish. Tree Tops Park was the perfect venue for this large group. It was never a problem to direct and shoot them, everything went smoothly.
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Betsy here looking great showing off her tattoo. Anything that got to do with owls is her favorite.bets 6 bets 7 bets 8 bets 9 bets 10 bets 11 bets 12 bets 13 bets 14 bets 15 bets 16 bets 17 bets 18 bets 19

Red hair looks good on her…bets 20 bets 21

For Delilah, it’s violet…bets 22 bets 23 bets 24

“Whoo, hooooooo” bets 25

Family Photo Session in Coral Gables Entrance Park in Coral Gables, Fl.

Visiting family from California, Vania, Lopsang and Luna made sure to have a Family Photo Session in Coral Gables Entrance Park in Coral Gables, Fl. where they still call home.
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Luna turns one!Vania1 4 Vania1 5 Vania1 6 Vania1 7 Vania1 8 Vania1 9

Dad’s love for his daughter is so much seen in this picture.
Vania1 10 Vania1 11 Vania1 12

Luna must have  loved her cake so much, she barely finished smashing it.Vania1 13 Vania1 14 Vania1 15

Christmas Photos, Davie, Fl

Lindsey looking gorgeous in her red dress and Joel in his checkered top, picture perfect for a Christmas Photoshoot.
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This two managed to sneak in their goofiness in this photo shoot yet they look so cute with each other in this white mustache and Christmas hat.
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What better way than to use Christmas lights as props for the photo shoot.lj1 11lj1 12lj1 13lj1 14lj1 15

These two have always loved the water. What a perfect location for this photo shoot.
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Engagement Photo Session in Tree Tops Park, Fl

Love is sweeter the second time around for this couple, Melissa and Tim.See this Engagement Photo Session in Tree Tops Park, Fl.

Melissa in her white elegant blouse and skirt outfit showing her fit physique and Tim in blue suit and white buttoned polo were a couple to watch and admire, not to mention the obvious love for each other that they’ve shown during the photo shoot and off cam.

Looking forward to their wedding in February. I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast!

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Engagement Photo Session at Dania Beach Pier, Fl.

Erika and Jeff are from Ottawa , Canada and were visiting Florida and decided to do their Engagement Photo Session at Dania Beach Pier, Fl. They happened to see my work as they googled me on the net and love the style of shots that I do.  We had such a great time together and it was fun to take their intimate moments. Their love for each other so genuine…making my work easy and effortless. They didn’t need much coaching at all because I could see the love in every shot. Love works in wondrous ways for this co-workers, now soon to be husband and wife.

This what Erika has to say, ” Jeff and I met while working at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel here in Ottawa, almost 7 years ago. We were good friends for a few years, and eventually became more than friends. I always thought he was a very caring and charismatic individual. His sense of humor and joyfulness is contagious, as I’m sure you saw during our shoot. We have a lot of fun together.We have been engaged for over a year and half. Jeff proposed to me while we were on a trip to Halifax, in a beach house on the ocean. Although we don’t live near the sea, we always feel very happy and free when we are near water. It just made sense for us to have an engagement shoot on the beach.”

I wish you Erika and Jeff a blessed marriage, happiness and wealth, to stay together for always…I wish you guys all the best! So happy for both of you.

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Engagement Photos, Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, Fl

What a wonderful day  it was for this Engagement Photos done at the  Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, Fl. The sun was bright and the couple Erlande and Wesley were both excited for the photo shoot. They were thankful for how God has given them to each other. Both were much looking forward for their wedding on February 2016.

The Morikami Museum just set the mood for the lovers, with its tranquil environment, the beauty and splendor so captivating. It was the right spot for this bride and groom to be.
ErlandeWesley 1 ErlandeWesley 2 ErlandeWesley 3 ErlandeWesley 4 ErlandeWesley 5 ErlandeWesley 6 ErlandeWesley 7 ErlandeWesley 8 ErlandeWesley 9 ErlandeWesley 10