Ryan & Shael: Dania Beach, Fl Engagement Photos

Knowing each other for over about 12 years, and growing up in the same church serves as a good foundation to Ryan and Shael’s relationship. Having the same faith has also strengthen their love for each other. These pictures show how they are so fond of each other. Their mutual love for Florida has brought them down here in Dania.

Just a couple of hours before their flight back to New Jersey, the sunrise engagement photo shoot turned out perfectly fine, the sun was up, the weather cooperating and the location was just perfect!


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Shweta & Jay: Dania Beach, Fl Engagement Photos

What can I say about this Dania Beach, Fl Engagement Photos we took today? Fabulous! It was wonderful to work with this couple Shweta and Jay who flew all the way from Chicago for their Engagement Pictures to be captured. They absolutely loved the location…and admired the beauty of the beach and its scenery. But what made this moment special was the love between the two. I was able to see how they adore each other and their love so genuine and sweet. Looking forward to their wedding day… SJ1 SJ2 SJ3 SJ4 SJ5 SJ6 SJ8 SJ9 SJ10 SJ11 SJ12 SJ13 SJ14 SJ15 SJ16 SJ17 SJ18 SJ19 SJ20 SJ21 SJ22

Alexis & Brian: A Palm Beach South Florida Wedding

Alexis and Brian had such a fabulous time together with their closest friends and family celebrating their wedding at the prestigious PGA National Resort at Palm Beach, South Florida. It was a day full of wedding bliss, fun and excitement. Gorgeous bridesmaids and hilarious grooms men sum up this wonderful bridal party.The weather was perfect, and a very good time to tee golf. Everything went smooth and perfectly. It was a day a bride  could ever ask for in this Palm Beach South Florida Wedding.
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Spring Senior Portraits, A Miami, South Florida Photography

Spring is such a  beauty, with flowers bloom and trees swaying…Feel the breeze it’s captivating…Let’s welcome Spring, oh life is not that boring! -HazeDelight

These lovely ladies are really captivating! Meet Morgan, Kyle, Michelle and Ashley in this Spring Senior Portraits Photo Shoot. They are beautiful in and out. With their genuine smiles and their ladylike poise, they were able to show true elegance. Watch out for these ladies, they maybe sweet but they are all determined to make a name for themselves in this world. Enjoy and see the beauty of nature in these shots.

SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4 SP5 SP6 SP7 SP8 SP9 SP11SP10

Ivelisse: A Maternity Shoot in Dania Beach, South FLorida

Ivelisse is full of excitement as she expects another baby girl. Joining her in this Maternity Shoot was her older daughter and  her husband (daddy to be) Marco. The Dania Beach Setting @ John Lloyd Park was perfect for this photo shoot. My favorite picture of her was when she went to the water braving the cold.  I would believe she will have an equally pretty baby girl…IVE1 IVE2 IVE3 IVE4 IVE5 IVE6 IVE7 IVE8 IVE9 IVE10

Joy & Kervens: Wedding in Miami, South Florida

The day was young but all were getting busy preparing for the big day…Joy and Kervens were both excited waiting fro this day to come. Everything went as planned, crowd control was good despite the big number of guests…and they all partied, enjoying every moment. Everybody were happy and everyone rejoiced…a wedding day to remember.JK1 JK2 JK3 JK4 JK6 JK7 JK8 JK10 JK11 JK12 JK13 JK14 JK15 JK16 Jk17 JK18 JK19

The Valentine Story

Nothing is more sweeter than a Valentine Story between Ritchie  and Princess. Though it deemed a little bit more challenging, yet I was able to capture the best of them together. They  were fun and exciting, they surely loved the cupcake and the milk I prepared for them. I am excited to show them these pics when they grow much older in their teens, you think they will end up together? Who knows!PrincessRichie 1 PrincessRichie 2 PrincessRichie1 Richie1

Joy & Kervens: Miami Engagement Photos

Nothing is worth capturing than a love genuinely expressed by two individuals. Joy and Kervens showed much admiration and care for each other in these engagement photos we took just few weeks before their Wedding Day. Their love for God has put them close together and their willingness to compromise is a big factor in their relationship…watch how this simple photo shoot turned to be as glamorous as it can be…are they really gonna practice the 5 Languages of Marriage? JKEng1 JKEng2 JKEng3 JKEng4 JKEng5 JKEng7

Denie Turning 18: Miami Photography

To be 18? What could have been the thoughts going on in Denie’s mind? One thing I knew she was excited for this photo shoot…the moment she had been waiting for.

It was one sunny Sunday afternoon and the Old Davie School grounds where the perfect place to shoot. Her gown accentuated her body and her smile so genuine and innocent . She was care free and was very willing to go with the flow. Her pure heart and the joy within her captured right before my eyes.   As she faces adult life, we could hope for  all the best … Happy Birthday Denie! You deserve everything beautiful!Denie 1 Denie 2Denie 4Denie 6Denie 5Denie 8 Denie 9Denie 7