Stephany & Jonathan Treetops Photo Session Miami Photographer

Stephany and Jonathan loved this park because one time she said she was recovering from Pneumonia, she came to this park to have morning walks everyday and she got better…fresh air must have contributed to her fast healing… Now they have committed to each other to stay united in the covenant of marriage and what better place to capture wonderful memories than in this hidden oasis in the city called Treetops Park.HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami1 HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami2 HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami3 HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami4 HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami5 HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami6 HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami7 HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami8 HazedelightPhotographyStephJonathanTreetopsMiami9

Rachelene’s Photo Shoot Miami Photographer

Rachelene is the name of this cute pretty girl…loved by everyone specially by mom Alchel and dad Benjie. It was challenging to pull this through yet we made it. Named after her grandma and looks after her grandma is a blessing to everyone. See how she looks so pretty in this spring and vintage photos we took of her.HazedelightPhotographyMiamiRachelene1 HazedelightPhotographyMiamiRachelene2 HazedelightPhotographyMiamiRachelene3 HazedelightPhotographyMiamiRachelene4

Venice & Roberto Engagement Session Miami Photographer

            With 2 more days ahead to their Wedding Day, Venice & Roberto got to spend some time with us with their photos taken. These images shows the love between two young people ready to make a commitment for a lifetime. We had some much fun and they were so enjoyable and cooperative to work with, I wish them all the best…a life of bliss and happiness!VeniceRobertoMiamiPhotographer4VeniceRobertoMiamiPhotographer3 VeniceRobertoMiamiPhotographer1 VeniceRobertoMiamiPhotographer2

Vanessa’s Bridal Shower: Miami/Fort Lauderdale Photographer

It was a quiet afternoon, such a pleasant sunny and cool weather where Vanessa’s family and friends gathered for her bridal shower. Such a pleasant surprise to everyone, nicely set up tables under a tent in her parents’ backyard…everyone were in awe. Who would expect such a beautiful set up? The bride herself was surprised and full of admiration for how her mom have put all theses things together. Her mom must have fully understood what she wanted, a colorful English-inspired themed Bridal Shower with tea sets, fresh flowers and crepes…everyone indeed had a good time. Fabulous!Vanessa1





Carrie & Ricky:Southernmost Hotel, Key West, Fl,Miami Photographer

Carrie  & Ricky were the most  graceful couple  I’ve seen doing their first dance…their background as contemporary dancers did it for them. From Chicago, they’ve decided to have their wedding in Key West  @ the Southernmost Hotel with their closest friends and family. It was a  surely a wonderful day to remember. Carrie1carrie9carrie4carrie2carrie5carrie7carrie6carrie8